Pin Club #006 - February 2020 - Honmei-Choco

Mei Bee Art

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This pin is a scene of Valentine's Day. In Japan this is where the girls give the boys chocolate. This boy must be very popular!! ūüėÖ

This design is from my Pin Club this variant is limited edition and will not come back when sold out.


⬡ 40 mm wide
⬡ Gold
⬡ hard enamel
⬡ Screen printing
⬡ Backing Card, and collector card
⬡ Back stamped logo
⬡ 2 Rubber heart clasps
⬡ Limited edition 100

I do retain the rights to the art work I made on this pin, do not use without permission.

Colors may be different due to monitors altering colors, or lighting of photos.

Please see FAQs page for quality definitions.

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Pins are inherently handmade items, this means that in general they will have minor flaws. 

Quality definitions:

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†‚¨Ę¬†Collector*:¬†perfect pin ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†‚¨Ę¬†Standard**:¬†minor flaws such as (but not excluded to) minor scratches, minor underfills, minor specs, and screen printing slightly misaligned ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†‚¨Ę¬†Seconds***:¬†more noticeable flaws such as (but not excluded to) larger scratches, poorly mixed enamel, missing enamel, larger specs, significant under fills, tarnished metal, missing enamel, significantly foggy clear or stained glass enamel.

Please note:

*The chances of a "perfect pin" without any flaws is between 0%-5% per batch of pins.  I grade the pins with this in mind. To avoid the extreme stress of not being able to meet this expectation of perfection, I often do not provide collectors quality. I choose instead to not grade for collectors and bundle anything that may be considered collectors in with the standards.

**Please note on Clear Enamel Pins that bubbles are considered Standard quality as they are unavoidable.

***While seconds pins are inherently "flawed" I would not consider these flaws to be so noticeable that the pins are unwearable.. There will be no issues like a broken pins, or a broken/missing back posts.