Gachapon Play

Mei Bee Art

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This is the Gachapon Machine. These will be opened on my Twitch Stream on MeiBeeArt fullfillment streams! 

Inside the Gachapon is random Seconds pins (please see the FAQ page for quality) There is a 1/6 chance you will receive the grand prize ball! What is the grand prize? The grandpirze is a choice between the following:

  • A mystery box filled with THREE completely random seconds pins!
  • Your choice of any pin in any of the gachapon machines (except the collar set, or the second button pin) AND a seconds pride pin of your choice! (Only available if you are watching the fullfillment stream, otherwise you will get the mystery box)

Each machine shows which pins you have chance of winning. Each capsule will have a number 1 through 5 which ever number is pulled will be the pin you get based on the color of the machine you chose!


Please note the size comparisons are not accurate, all of the pins are photoshopped into the capsules!

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