Mei Bee Beekeepers Program

Are you an influencer and a fan of Mei Bee Art? Do you want to spread your love of Mei Bee Art and get paid to do it?  Please take a second to apply for our new:

Mei Bee BeeKeepers Program!

Apply at the link above! 



Step 1: We give you a coupon to buy things from our shop which you will use to promote Mei Bee Art

Step 2: We provide you with your own exclusive Coupon code for your followers to use at checkout

Step 3: You promote your code on your various social media platforms in order to earn CASH commissions! 



1. Apply to be in the Program to get your exclusive coupon code

After Applying we will screen each applicant within 1 week

We are primarily looking for influencers on one or multiple of these platforms (but feel free to apply if you think are are a good fit if you are on a different 

we are looking for this:

 High Quality content!
✿ An engaged following (even if it's small -- Small but mighty is better than Big and Bored!)
Kawaii aesthetic is a bonus!
An enthusiasm for Mei Bee Art stuff is also a bonus!

**If picked we will send you an email asking you to set up an account. At this account you will be able to see when fans purchase items with your exclusive coupon code

2. Pick items that you love with BeeKeepers exclusive discounts!

Once accepted, you will be given a discount for you to order items.  This is how you get items to show and promote at a deep discount! 

3. Promote your Code on Social media -- every time your coupon code is used by your fans, it will be tracked!

When your code is used you will earn CASH commissions!* (or if you prefer we can apply credit to one existing order of yours - it's like getting your merch for free!)

 *please note pre-orders cannot apply for cash commissions or discounts!



(huge thank you to Kittynaut for helping me with wording my influencer program, check her out for another influencer program!)